From the enclosure wall of the cemetery you can enjoy a distant view to the west into the Pubertal, which here runs in a strikingly straight line. The reason for this is a distinct geological line, the “peri-adriatic seam“. This frontier line leaves the Pubertal in Kaddish and follows the Tyrolean Gaelan, which to the east of the Kaddishes Sahel is called the Tillich Tal, and then further east beyond the federal border with Corinthian again changes its name.

Viewed from above, the Gail or Lacteal also runs in a straight line. There is a clear distinction in appearance between the northern and southern sides of the valley. N ons side the gentle foothills of the Lieder Dolomite, with its wide alp areas, on the other side the rocky contours of the Carbonic ridge towering above thick mountain forest and marking the state border with Italy.